The Cellular and Molecular Biophysics Research Laboratory is a highly interdisciplinary research lab involving physics, engineering, physiology, cell biology and molecular biology. The research program was initiated at the University of Chicago, and has been continuously funded by NIH, NSF, American Heart Association, Association of Dermatology, and other agencies. Our researches focus on the cellular and molecular levels in nano-scales by using broad, state-of-art techniques including whole cell/patch clamps, various microscopic imagining systems including multiple-laser confocal microscopy and a full line of cellular and molecular biology techniques. The research projects include:

  • Development of novel technique to physically control functions of electrogenic pumps.

  • Study the therapeutic effects of SM technique for various diseases and non-physiological conditions.

  • Study electroconformational change on membrane proteins.

  • Physically facilitation of percutaneous drug delivery.